Turkish Tea Sets

We are more than pleased to present Turkish Tea Cups straight from The United States of America. AboveDecor offers its customers a wide range of Turkish tea cups at an affordable price. 

Undoubtedly, serving tea in sterling Turkish cups can be the most exciting thing for evening parties and a get together. It reflects your taste and leaves a startling impression on your guests. We offer excellent quality Turkish tea cups set straight from U.S.A that can be shipped across the world.

Whether you are looking for Turkish gold tea cups or stoned platinum tea cups, AboveDecor is the one-stop solution that provides you a hint of authentic Turkish Ottoman taste in every product. Although Turkey has been a domicile to many civilizations for thousands of years, it is the last Ottoman Empire that has left maximum impact on the architecture, style, and legacy of the people because of its Islamic cultural sphere..

Before you plan to visit Istanbul, there is something that you must know about the Turks, they just love their tea. For Turks, one of the major activities during the day includes consumption of tea. In fact, Turks are now the number one consumers of tea in the world per capita. Due to the major influence of the Muslim Empire for more than 600 years you can notice the hint of Ottoman culture in Turkish tea sets and vintage Turkish rags, which are authentic, classic and stylish.

However, it was until the descent of the Ottoman Empire that the leader of the Republic of Turkey encouraged consumption of tea rather than coffee. Hence, the solution was to grow tea and the domestic addiction began within the Turkish people. Since then the Turks love their tea. Therefore, the influence of the Ottoman Empire can be easily depicted from the choice tea cups.

Turkish Tea Cups

These authentic Turkish tea cups are popular all around the world and you can purchase a set for your morning tea ritual or for your stylish evening party. We also provide tea cups with a saucer to go with your elegant and classic style.

Cleopatra Gold Tea Cups with Holder and Saucer

Turkish tea set antiques are known for its unique style. They come in various shapes and sizes. Turkish tea cups can be easily differentiated from rudimentary cups available in the market. We offer affordable gold tea cups with holder and saucer that reflect finest Turkish artwork.

Tea Set Platinum Designs with saucer

Turkish tea cups seem to be the realm of the Turks and tea house patrons but it is certainly not the same anymore. We bring high quality tempered stoned platinum tea sets just for you.

Ottoman Turkish Style Tea Cups with holder

Ottoman Empire and Islamic culture immensely influence the fine art and taste of the Turkish people. Over the years, Ottoman style Turkish tea cups have been loved by people worldwide. We present you beautifully crafted thin waist Turkish tea cups. Enjoy sipping tea from these sophisticated well-crafted editions in your kitchenware.

Mostly Turkish cups and antiques are made up of thin porcelain in order to make your brew stay hotter for a long time. You can leisurely enjoy the tea sip by sip, relishing the flavors of the finest tea you brew. In addition, we have well-crafted gold painted, colorful, and stoned platinum tea cups with holders and saucers that purely reflect the art and impression of the Turkish culture.

Tea Sets

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